Top 7 Web Development Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

The success of your website depends a lot on the design of your website. Thus it must be one of your top priorities to design a user-friendly website that clicks with your online visitors. Simultaneously, you must also ensure a seamless and rich user experience for your audience. If your visitors like the design of your website, they will be more willing to buy your products.

So here are the top 7 web development tips that can help you in creating an amazing website:

Clearly Define Your Website’s Purpose

You are investing in a website so that you can meet the requirements of your users. Thus it is crucial to know, understand and incorporate the purpose of your website in the design. Will your website just be a window to showcase your products? Or do you want to add a portfolio to display your previous work samples?

It is essential to define the purpose and accordingly design your website.

Choose a Mobile Responsive Theme

A lot of organic traffic logs into different websites via their smartphones. It is thus imperative to mention that when you are designing your website, keep your mobile user traffic in mind. A mobile responsive theme will ensure that the information and images of your website will adjust to the users’ screen size. Depending on the device they are accessing from, the content of the website will adapt on-screen.

Take a look at this mobile responsive website.

Follow the Visual Hierarchy

Arrange the graphics and the graphical elements of your website as per their importance. Focus on the right size and the color of the graphics when designing a website. Do not forget to adjust the contrast and the texture of the website while designing.

Use White Spaces in the Design

White space within the website design soothes the eyes of your visitor. It makes the website’s design more convenient for your users so that they can focus more on the message of the content. It is thus vital to make use of ample white space within the website designs.

For E.g., Amazon uses lots of white spaces in their website. Check this screenshot.

Faster Uploading Speed

A new user will only take three seconds to make an impression of your website. Make sure to use these three seconds fruitfully. No one wants to wait. If your website takes forever to load, the visitors will choose other options and exit your website quickly. Do not let that happen. Ensure that the website loading speed is faster for you.

You can use tools like pingdom to test speed. Take a look at Google’s website speed.

Do not make your website heavy with lots of images, graphics, and content. That will slow down the speed of the website. Keep the designs minimalistic and focus on the content so that the loading speed is not compromised.

Follow the Market Trends

It is important to keep making changes to your website designs as and when the market demands. Since many companies are vying for the users’ attention, you need to impress your users. And you cannot impress unless you think out of the box.

Website design trends keep changing regularly, and you must be knowledgeable about the changing trends. Keep making updates to your website designs to keep up with the changing trends. If you want a regular traffic flow on your website, you have to keep your users engaged and interested in your website.

Entice your users with a cross-functional website that can work on various platforms in a customized format. It will give your website a consistent look and also offer better brand marketability.

Test Your Website Regularly

Keep testing your website regularly to incorporate any improvement that comes to your mind. Make changes to the designs of your website if you think it is necessary. You can analyze whether your users like what they are viewing. If you see that they are not happy with a part of your website designs, you should make an effort to change it for them. It will ensure a better user experience for your visitors and give you brownie points from them.

When testing your website for its performance, don’t forget to check the conversion rate and the time that people are staying on your page.

You can use tools like lucky orange or conversion tools to check conversion rate. Take a look at the heatmap section from lucky orange.

It will give you a fair idea of what your audience is looking for in your website and how you can improve the designs.


Designing a user-friendly website has never been an easy job. But you can master the task with the above-mentioned website development tips. When you have a well-designed website, it will help you in accomplishing your business goals significantly. If you are unsure how to implement various designs for your website, seek professional help. There are lots of professional web development agencies that can do an impressive job for you.

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