Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2021

The design trends of 2021 are varied and rich in terms of technology and adaptability. The rich web designs are cutting edge and can be defined as simple yet interesting, cool yet chaotic. 2021 has been inspiring web design trends like never before.

Here is a quick list of the top ten web design trends for you to have a look at:

Retro Fonts

Life is a circle. And the same holds for the design trends too, or so it may seem. Old things like the retro feel are once again hot and happening even for the fonts in designs. The retro fonts are again hot favorites with many designers, albeit with a bit of stylization and artistry. It looks great when the traditional fonts are given a cool spin without losing the legibility. A great example of retro font usage is the newly launched carnival promotion for the brand Spotify.

Consistent Design Systems

When you use a CMS design system to create layouts and their collections, it makes your job easier. You can use such a CMS design system for duplicating the design of your website on a small or a large scale without much of a hassle. There are many useful apps working with such consistent design systems to make the workflow more streamlined and smooth.

Apps like Figma offers different design system tools along with readymade templates. You can also take a look at the CMS collection by Webflow that offers a design system for large-scale websites.

Parallax Scroll Effects

Parallax scroll effects are not new in the market. But it is almost always in trend. However, it can cause disorientation and dizziness unless these effects are used minimally. But this effect, if used subtly, can make grand gestures on-screen and catch the immediate attention of the visitors. That way, this design trend is a happening one for 2021 as well.

3D Designs

High-quality 3D visuals are now making their way into web designs too. They are a great addition to the websites to enhance the user experience. They look excellent on the high-resolution screens and, if used well, can add to the harmony of the website. With minimal layouts, 3D designs can make a greater impact.

Horizontal Scrolls

Horizontal scrolls are also making a comeback in the field of web designs. Earlier, they were considered a faux pas for the websites. But now, they are used meaningfully to disclose extensive information progressively in a more practical way.

Designer sites like McBride Design use horizontal scrolls to display their work photos. It looks clean and does not take up a lot of space on a web page.

Experience of Multimedia

Bring together text and videos, breathtaking visuals, along with rich audio. All these make a web design complete with a rich user experience. All these, together with faster internet speed, can give your website an edge over your rivals like no other.

You can use websites like Wistia to create videos and embed them in your website.

Augmented Reality Designs

Along with the multimedia designs, augmented reality (AR) offers a fantastic experience for the websites too. AR realm is now open for one and all with the latest technologies. The eCommerce websites are taking advantage of AR technologies and creating unique websites. Such technologies are helping them in reaching out to more people and sell their products in a new light.

For E.g Take a look at this AR design from Ikea on their website.


Preference Based Designs

Web designs are now focusing on a personalized experience for users. Keeping this in mind, you can include anything on your websites, like a dark or light mode or a customized navigation system based on preference. You can also choose to use custom-tailored content to change the overall appearance of your website.

Animated Illustrations

Create designs on your website that will connect to your visitors instantly and on a personal level. A great way to personalize your website is to use animated illustrations. They are now a popular choice amongst many designers and are transforming the way a visitor looks at a website.

Several platforms offer animated illustrations. You can choose one that suits the image and brand of your product and use it on your website to give it a new and interesting makeover.

Grid Designs

Grids might look simple, yet they offer a lot of flexibility. They can easily be integrated into a design to provide a structured layout with a bold yet clean look.

Especially for eCommerce websites, a grid-patterned design can work best. Showcase your products in different angles in each grid block.

For E.g Check the grid design from this website.

You need not have a uniform grid structure on your website. Even asymmetrical grids look great if placed well. Geometric grid designs are a must for any website designer now that they are one of the top trends of 2021.


Web designs continue to change with every passing day. With the top ten web design trends of 2021, you must keep in mind that a great designer will always explore ways to combine a variety of styles. Add to that your creative juice, and the result is bound to blow away the mind of your audience.

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