Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Website

The internet has changed consumer behavior and how business is done, and organizations that don’t adapt will quickly lose their competitive edge.

The way people discover new businesses is drastically different from a couple of decades ago. According to Smart Insights, more than 80% of people searched online for a product or service, and 90% reported visiting a business site on a connected device. Out of all these new prospects, 74% made an online purchase, and mobile devices generated 52% of those sales.

The numbers make it clear that a business without a website is putting itself at a significant disadvantage against the competition. Here are a few more reasons why your company should have a website.

1. Customers Expect Companies to Have Websites

Research reveals that 56% of people reported they don’t trust a business without a website, so having a quality St. Louis website design can instantly boost your credibility.

People are accustomed to finding out everything they need to know about a business by researching online. The number of new enterprises found through traditional media like the Yellow Pages or display ads in magazines has dramatically diminished over the last few years.

A website where your prospects can find out more without calling or visiting is a convenience they expect. If you don’t yet have a business website, it may raise a red flag and cause trust issues that will lead them to the competition.

Our St. Louis Web Design service makes it fast and affordable to create an online presence for your organization and significantly increase your online lead generation. Talk to your St. Louis social media marketing agency to learn how a business website can make your social media more effective.

2. Websites Anchor Your Social Media Marketing

Your business may not have a website, but it’s likely to have a presence on social media. Your internet marketing, St Louis efforts should begin with your website because it consolidates all information about your business in one convenient location.

A business website is an asset you own. However, none of the information on your social media profiles belongs to you, and sites like Facebook and Twitter can take it down, ban accounts, or shut down without warning. When you have a business website, you have more control over the online narrative for your brand.

A St. Louis social media marketing agency can help you connect your social media profiles to your business website to increase traffic and attract more leads to your business.

3. Generate More Leads Through Paid Advertising

Online paid advertising should be part of every internet marketing St Louis strategy. Paid advertising campaigns leading prospects back to your website are a fantastic way to grow your brand.

When you don’t have a website, you have little chance of capturing any information about the prospects who may respond to your ad. When visitors land on your site, you have an opportunity to capture their contact details and enter them into your sales funnel as high-quality leads.

4. Attract Prospects Through SEO and Organic Search

Organic search refers to the people who click through to your site from the search results without clicking on a paid ad. Search engine traffic is often the most profitable traffic your business can receive because the people are actively engaged with researching the products or services you provide.

For example, a visitor who arrives via a search like “best plumber in St Louis” is further along the sales journey than someone who has just typed in “how to unblock a drain.”

It’s great if your business features at the top of the search results for both of these search phrases. However, a plumber showing up for the first search phrase stands a better than great chance at scoring a new paying customer.

With so many people using search engines to find any business, it is critical your company shows up on the first page, but you will have no chance without a website. Talk to your St. Louis Website Design Service for expert advice on how to get your business online today.

5. Websites Help You Deliver Better Customer Service

Business websites can go far beyond a simple brochure site listing basic information and contact details. With the technology available today, your website can help you deliver better customer service before they even visit your physical location.

For example, if your company sells physical products, customers can browse your wares, make selections, and pay for their items.

Your retail store is available to customers at a convenient time for them; whether it’s the middle of the night or on a lazy Sunday morning, your website helps you serve more customers at any time of the day.

When your staff arrives each morning, they will already have a bunch of orders ready to process.

Other ways your St Louis web design service can develop a website that delivers better customer service is to include a calendar and booking service, answer questions through chat bots, or provide customer support.

6. Websites Level the Playing Field

Big brands have the advantage in resources available for creating a St. Louis web design, but they can’t possibly cover every search term related to an industry.

This means a small business has just as much chance at showing in the search results as a large corporation. Competing for local search results provides even more opportunities to profit.

Customers will prefer to obtain products from a local company who can deliver in a day, rather than wait a week for something to cross the country.

Service-type businesses also benefit from local search terms, which are far less competitive than global searches and therefore much more likely to show on the first page of the search results.

7. A Website is Not As Expensive As You Might Think

Thinking about a website as an expense your business can do without is the wrong way to go. If your website is not generating income, then it is a liability.

Our Internet Marketing St. Louis service ensures your website continues to generate new leads and paying customers every month. Plus, you may be surprised at how little a website costs compared to your other marketing expenses.

If you have yet to create a St. Louis website design for your business, or your existing site is performing poorly, call today and let us help you develop a winning website and social media marketing combination.

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