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Dream Machine is a community. Together with their community, they make inspiring, life-changing dreams come true for people who once were at where Charlie was: rock bottom, stuck, hopeless. Since their start in 2018, we have been able to get homeless people off the streets, to help children with disabilities launch their dream business, to help tornado victims rebuild their homes, and much more. There is one thing, however, that separates us from any other foundation and it is our army of love.
This is what they call their community of donors, social media followers, and volunteers. Instead of the traditional model of a charity simply directly helping an individual, they use 7 million people to help us. This allows them to do things that would otherwise be impossible. For example, a young man with cerebral palsy was able to launch a clothing business and sell $350,000 worth of clothing in 4 hours because of this army. A homeless chef was able to raise $100k for a food truck and a new home. A 9 year old girl with CRPS was able to sell $500,000 worth of cookies to raise money for her medical treatment.

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Client's Goals and Objectives

After we partnered with Dream Machine, They had the following objectives in mind:

  • Create a website that effectively communicates the mission and impact of Dream Machine as a community-driven organization
  • Showcase inspiring stories and success stories of individuals whose lives have been changed by Dream Machine’s support
  • Provide a platform for donors, volunteers, and followers to engage with the community and contribute to fundraising efforts
  • Raise awareness about the power of collective action and the impact of small donations in making life-changing dreams come true
  • Establish Dream Machine as a trusted and impactful organization in the philanthropic community

Challenges Faced

Despite the clear objectives set forth by Dream Machine, several challenges were encountered throughout the project:

  • Conveying the complexity and breadth of Dream Machine’s impact through storytelling and website design
  • Ensuring that the website effectively communicates the role of the “army of love” and the unique community-driven approach of Dream Machine
  • Creating a user-friendly interface that encourages engagement and participation from donors, volunteers, and followers
  • Addressing potential concerns around privacy and security for individuals sharing their stories and seeking support from Dream Machine
  • Optimizing the website for performance and accessibility to ensure a seamless experience for all visitors

Website Development

To translate Dream Machine’s vision into a reality, we went through the following steps:

  1. Designed a visually engaging website layout that showcases inspiring stories and success stories of individuals supported by Dream Machine
  2. Developed clear and compelling content to convey the mission, values, and impact of Dream Machine as a community-driven organization
  3. Implemented user-friendly navigation and interactive features to encourage engagement and participation from donors, volunteers, and followers
  4. Integrated secure donation forms and call-to-action buttons to facilitate easy contributions and support for Dream Machine’s fundraising efforts
  5. Optimized the website for search engines to improve visibility and attract traffic from individuals interested in making a difference through collective action

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In conclusion, our collaboration with Dream Machine has resulted in the successful development of a powerful and inspiring website that effectively communicates the organization’s mission, impact, and unique approach to helping people in need. By overcoming challenges such as conveying the complexity of Dream Machine’s impact, optimizing for user engagement, and ensuring website security and performance, we’ve helped Dream Machine achieve their goals of raising awareness, inspiring action, and making life-changing dreams come true for individuals in need. As the community continues to grow and make a difference, we remain committed to supporting Dream Machine and enhancing their online platform to amplify their impact and spread hope and positivity to those who need it most.

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