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Koran Bolden is a champion for change— An experienced performance coach, author, and entrepreneur who has spoken to over 500,000 youth and millennials on stage through 950 presentations globally. Koran Bolden is the founder and Chief Motivational Officer of the Bold Moves Agency, a social media and community outreach company located in Saint Louis, Atlanta and Houston. For over a decade, Koran and his team have connected leading schools and corporations with micro-influencers to build cultural momentum, drive performance and generate results. Koran is also an advocate for mental health— leading his audience to overcome stigmas, childhood traumas, and hostile workplace environments by helping them to reset their paradigm and relaunch a new thinking pattern that fosters them become the best version of themselves.

Services we provided:

Client's Goals and Objectives

After we partnered with Bold MOves WorldWide, They had the following objectives in mind:

  • Establish a strong online presence for Koran Bolden and Bold Moves WorldWide
  • Create a platform to sell courses, merchandise, and host podcasts
  • Build brand awareness and drive engagement with the target audience
  • Position Koran Bolden as a thought leader and influencer in performance coaching and mental health advocacy

Challenges Faced

Despite the clear objectives set forth by Koran Bolden and Bold Moves WorldWide, several challenges were encountered throughout the project:

  • Balancing the diverse elements of Koran Bolden’s brand and message on the website
  • Ensuring the website design effectively communicates Koran’s expertise and values
  • Integrating e-commerce functionality seamlessly with the website
  • Developing a social media strategy to effectively engage with Bold Moves WorldWide’s audience across multiple platforms

Even though we faced these challenges, Our team showed amazing project management skills and completed the project before the deadline with exceptional results.

Website Development

To translate Koran Bolden’s vision into a reality, we went through the following steps:

  1. Designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website to reflect Koran Bolden’s brand and values
  2. Implemented e-commerce functionality for selling courses, merchandise, and tickets to events
  3. Created dedicated sections for podcasts, articles, and resources to showcase Koran’s expertise
  4. Ensured mobile responsiveness for optimal user experience on all devices

Social Media Management

We helped the Client achieve his goals by doing social media management for him. We used following strategies:

  • Developed a social media strategy to align with Bold Moves WorldWide’s goals and target audience
  • Curated content that highlights Koran Bolden’s speaking engagements, books, and advocacy work
  • Leveraged various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach and engage with the audience
  • Monitored analytics to track performance and optimize content for maximum reach and engagement

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In conclusion, our collaboration with Bold Moves WorldWide has been instrumental in establishing Koran Bolden as a prominent figure in the fields of performance coaching and mental health advocacy. Through the creation of a dynamic and user-friendly website, coupled with a strategic social media management approach, we’ve successfully amplified Koran’s message, expanded his reach, and facilitated meaningful connections with his audience. As Bold Moves WorldWide continues to empower individuals to embrace change and strive for personal growth, we remain dedicated to supporting their mission and fostering positive impact in communities worldwide.

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