Making A Change Through Websites

The E-Mod Team In Beverly Hills

This is a picture with the E-Mod team at the Red Carpet Event in Beverly Hills. We raised over $100k for Richard Hutchins, the homeless artist that went viral in less than a week with our website we made.

Check out the story here:

We saw the story about Richard on social media and reached out to the tik tok influencer & previous music manager of rapper 2Chainz, Charlie Rocket to do the website for Richard. He chose us to do the website  and needed it to be done within 48 hours. We had a fully responsive website ready to launch for Richard and his paintings to change his life forever.

This is a picture with the E-Mod team at the Red Carpet Event in Beverly Hills. We raised over $100k for him in less than a week with our website we made in under 48 Hours.

Check out the story here:

For those of you that don’t know who Richards is, he is a man that was homeless in the streets in LA about a month ago.

We reached out to @charlie from the Dream Machine Foundation and his purpose was to make this guys dream come true and get him off the streets and live the life he never knew was possible.

Never Stop Dreaming

Charlie brought out everyone to support Richard’s paintings for the event from famous influencers to well known celebrities. To know our website contribution had made a huge impact on the media and this man’s life made us realize that this is what we want to do forever. The E-Mod team was able to meet Richard Hutchins for the first time in person at the event and he cried when he met us. It was truly a great experience.

Making A Change Through Websites

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